Brisanet, throughout its history, has been adopting a set of practices aimed at the development of human capital. The company, with increasingly consolidated corporate governance, has a support and Career Plan development for its employees, offering courses, internal programs, and workshops, as well as financing external courses for its employees. Despite the high level of new hiring in recent years, Brisanet has long-standing employees, increasingly professionalized management, and solid engagement indicators.

100% Integrated Infrastructure

Brisanet's infrastructure is the longest in the Northeast, connected to the teleport in Fortaleza, one of the largest in the world. There are 146 cities with FTTH networks, 50 thousand km of optical cables in FTTH networks and 23 thousand km of backbone. Equipped with an organized structure and dense geographical capillarity, Brisanet ensures quality internet in a stable way, providing optical fiber from the data center to the subscriber's home.

Operational Efficiency

Brisanet developed its own ecosystem in which technology is the core of the business. There are dozens of mobile apps produced, internal control dashboard system, and consistent integration of network management ecosystems. The definition of the cities where Brisanet coverage will be implemented is based on a series of analyses made by the company's operational and commercial areas, taking into consideration several factors such as density of residences, purchasing power of the population, comparison with the profile of cities that have already been implemented, among others. 

Business Strategy

Brisanet develops its business strategy based on four pillars:

  • Commercial management system - The company has its own commercial management system

  • Sales channels - Focused on the diversification of channels and audiences.

  • Customer onboarding - Facilitate customer engagement and ensure fraud reduction through digital initiatives.

  • A beginning-to-end presence in the customer journey - Instant client monitoring and feedback, contributing to the provision of ever better services. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022