• 5G - It is the latest technology standard for mobile services. Fifth generation technology offers a wide range of possibilities to be explored due to its characteristics, which include high data transmission rates and low latency. Anatel is working to promote its implementation in Brazil in a safe and sustainable way.

  • B2B – Abbreviation of business-to-business. It refers to the trade established between companies that do business as customer and supplier.

  • B2C - Abbreviation of business-to-consumer. It refers to the trade between a company and the final consumer.

  • B2G – Abbreviation of business-to-Government. It refers to the negotiations between companies and the Government.

  • Backbone - It is a core network through which data from Internet clients travels. It controls the central wiring scheme of a more comprehensive system with high performance.

  • Lit Fiber - The term is assigned to network structures that are in use.

  • FTTH – Abbreviation of Fiber-to-the-Home. It refers to the architecture in which the optical fiber leaves directly from the central office of the company that provides the access and goes to the residence of the final consumer, the customer.

  • FWA - Abbreviation of Fixed Wireless Access. It refers to the process of providing wireless broadband using radio links between a cellular tower and the customer's home.

  • Georeference - It refers to the process of recognizing the geographic coordinates of a location, using maps or images.

  • HCs – Abbreviation of “Homes Connected”. It refers to the number of houses connected by the Brisanet network.

  • HPs – Abbreviation of “Homes Passed”. It refers to the number of homes served by Brisanet's coverage.

  • ISP – Abbreviation of Internet Service Provider. It refers to any organization that offers services to access, participate in, or use the Internet.

  • Onboarding digital - The process of investing in technologies that enable a higher level of automation and digitalization of the routines for collecting, filtering, verifying, storing, and managing information from customers, employees, and business partners.

  • Gateway - This refers to the amount of gateways (fibers) available to serve the houses.

  • Passive network - Fiber optic system for metropolitan access network. This method has been adopted as an access solution to deliver broadband or dedicated mode services at very high speed.

  • Upsell - A sales strategy that seeks to encourage customers to purchase a more sophisticated or advanced version of the product they originally intended to buy.

  • Crossell - A sales strategy that seeks to encourage the customer to complete his initial purchase by taking products that complement it.

Last Updated on June 22, 2021