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Brisanet's history is guided by the ability to connect people. The Company was born with the dream of bringing connectivity to small towns, villages, and districts where there were no means of communication, such as landlines. That's why, over the years, it has specialized and gained experience in bringing the world's best technologies to economically unfeasible locations. And, engaged in this mission and aware of its socio-environmental responsibility, it seeks to accelerate the creation of actions aligned with the principles of sustainable development.

Brisanet's trajectory in 2022 was marked by important initiatives and strategic projects. The company reduced costs, improved performance and financial health, realigned prices, and optimized investments. The year was also marked by the beginning of the structuring of the new 5G network and consolidation of the fiber optic service. In all, the Company activated 34 new cities with the fiber optic service and presented the highest growth in organic net additions, conquering 256.8 thousand new customers.

Internally, the year was marked by the promotion of various actions, such as: the launch of the internal engagement platform, Universo Brisa; carrying out internal marketing campaigns; and the promotion of health and safety at work initiatives. Aligned with these issues, the employer brand promoted many opportunities centered on the workforce, especially for young people, providing the insertion of thousands of them in the job market.

Regarding ESG practices, the Company started important commitments in 2022, including: monitoring indicators related to water consumption at the company's headquarters; the creation of the Sustainability Committee; training the team responsible for energy management; and the organization of waste management generated in our operations.

Brisanet's commitment is strengthened as it consolidates its business strategies. This year, the objective is to continue existing social campaigns, such as food donation campaigns and support for social institutions, while implementing new and important projects: the preparation of the first Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GEE); transition of part of the energy matrix to renewable energy; creation of an institute; and conducting training for the community. The Company understands that sustainability is a journey and, in this sense, is committed to investing in business practices that increasingly ensure our institution's social and environmental responsibility.

The challenge is great, but Brisanet is ready to make history in 2023, a year that will be marked by the launch of 5G and the company's debut as the new mobile operator in Brazil. Now, more than ever, the Company focuses on consolidating new services and strengthening the internal culture in the search for a more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable environment.

Last Updated on August 3, 2023